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Nutrition Wisdom Workshops


I’ve had a lifelong love of all things nutrition, health and well-being, and healing. Not just physical healing, but healing on all levels: mind, body, and spirit.   And finally, after many years of envisioning, my series of Nutrition Wisdom Workshops and Online Courses are coming to life.  Through videos, engaging presentations, handouts, and recipes, my aim is to arm participants with a roadmap of how to eat deliciously, live vibrantly, and age well.  You have power over your health.  I hope you’ll consider joining me in these workshops.  Please feel free to get in touch with me with any questions or thoughts. (



Gretchen Dunoyer has built a knowledge of nutrition and healthy foods with flavor and grace. She shines with heart, authenticity, and understanding. A friend on screen you will want to check in with about how to make food nourishing and wholesome. My recommendation is, “Make more videos, please!”

Donna Fado Ivery
Author of Sleep, Pray, Heal: A Path to Wholeness and Well-Being