Gretchen Dunoyer has built a knowledge of nutrition and healthy foods with flavor and grace.  She shines with heart, authenticity, and understanding.  A friend on screen you will want to check in with about how to make food nourishing and wholesome.  My recommendation is, “Make more videos, please!”

–Donna Fado Ivery, Author of Sleep, Pray, Heal: A Path to Wholeness and Well-Being, Richmond, CA; April 2020


Even a brief interaction with Gretchen reveals why she resonates with people.  Quite simply, she is grounded in love and respect.  She exudes kindness, compassion, poise, strength, humor, and high intelligence.  Gretchen’s affinity for mind-body wellness and delicious nutrition stem from her calling as a caregiver.  She listens with her heart and intellect; she absorbs fully and makes astute observations.  In this way Gretchen set out to help me in Aug-Sept of 2018.  I was in a deep rut following a second life-altering surgery, compounded by complex medical issues, including Elhers-Danlos Syndrome.  Gretchen was familiar with EDS, a connective tissue disorder, when most of the doctors I dealt with were not!  Following our initial conversation, her insightful approach to a care plan took shape.  Gretchen perceptively culled from all I shared.  Her calm assessment was honest and personal.  It made for an emotionally powerful experience as I felt truly heard.  This is a gift Gretchen possesses.  She helped me to perceive where I was in relation to where I wanted to be, not only in mind, body, and spirit, but in life.  She led me gently through meditation, offered insight on nutrition, exercise, goal setting, big picture issues, and more.  It was all put into perspective.  Gretchen was a committed partner in the effort to help me visualize a healing path forward.  I feel gratitude every day for this amazing woman’s concern and guidance.   Thank you Gretchen.

–Martha, Massachusetts; January 2020


Gretchen Dunoyer offers in-depth health and wellness coaching. She literally accomplished what no other health care professional has in my 55 years: given me clear skin!  By simply changing the brands of supplements I take and adding curcumin to my regimen, I have clear skin for the first time since adolescence. Gretchen listens to her clients with acute interest and skill and offers a variety of relevant and useful health options. I continue to refer many people to Gretchen so they may also learn and benefit from her wisdom. I am deeply indebted to her!

–Hilary Harley, Boston, MA; November 2019


I honestly can’t select just one favorite recipe from your nourishing kitchen. As they are each created and passed along through your site or blog, the photographs alone make me want to try them out as they are filled with so much light and happiness. I love selecting the ones that attract me the most and believe they are calling out with the ingredients that my body is needing most at that time. I am never disappointed by my selections as a riot of flavor, color and texture satisfies me and makes me feel well.  Your food is the most expansive expression of what it means to nourish. Your food is healing art.  And now I am off to make Turkey Meat Balls.  XO

–Kelly Brooks, Boston MA; November 2019


Gretchen has been a  life coach to me even before she became a Nutrition Coach.  She is a gifted baker and recipe maker! Everything I have tried as a “tester ” has been phenomenally delicious!  She is a wealth of knowledge and has helped me on my weight loss journey in swapping out healthy foods and healthy ways of cooking.  Her guidance and advice continue to help me be a better, healthier person each and every day. I am blessed to have her in my life. 

–Janet Zildjian, Watertown, MA; November 2019


I would recommend Gretchen to anyone seeking to live their most healthy life, but unsure about how to connect the dots between the physical, mental, and spiritual health spheres.  Gretchen was the resource I needed, giving me the tools and empowering conversations to become my best self and offer me a roadmap to well-being.  She taught me a ton about how nutrition, the microbiome, mental and physical health, and spiritual health are all connected.  She had a wealth of information for things I was curious about.  Since beginning my work with Gretchen, I live a sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free life, which sounds horrible, but is amazing.  I’ve never felt happier or healthier in my life.  I’ve lost 20 pounds, am tapering off of long term medication, have more energy and focus, feel the most mentally healthy I ever have, and am at my best.  I am so grateful to have found Gretchen.  If you are highly motivated and want to be inspired by someone who cares and is willing to emphasize your strengths, Gretchen has so many tools for making your goals real!  Thank you, Gretchen, for changing my life.

–Elizabeth Smith, Waltham MA; January 2019


Doing this work with kids is like planting seeds!  And you never know in which unexpected ways they are going to grow.  I just want to share with you a story from Mila today.  We went to a lake to swim in the afternoon, and she got bitten by a leech.  When she saw that, she started panicking and then became surprisingly quiet and brave, until it was removed.  I was surprised, but thought she was simply being brave, as she usually does.  But tonight when she went to bed, she told me: “Mom, when I got the leech on my feet this afternoon, I got bad feelings and I was scared.  But then I thought about a happy scene, playing with you and Dad and I felt much better and calmer.  I was just thinking of it!!!”

–Fanny Van De Poel, mother of Mila, who attended “Teaching Children to Meditate” workshop; August 2018


Gretchen and I worked together briefly over the summer of 2018.  I was struck by how powerful these sessions were.  We made an immediate connection and got straight to the root of some issues I was dealing with, and I’ve been on an uphill journey since then.  I highly recommend Gretchen.  She has the heart for this work, is super intelligent, and her passion for health and helping others is boundless!  Forever grateful for her help!

–Mary Hewitt, Malden MA; September 2018


 This meditation has brought an oasis of pure light into my morning practice.  It is truly a manifestation of something deeply healing and a beautiful offering to the world.  Your voice and the message are pure perfection.  The light is bursting forth. I will listen over and over, for you are a healing force.

–Kelly Brooks, Boston MA; June 2018